80/35 2016

80/35 was a live music festival that took place on the 8th and 9th of July in Des Moines, IA. Brian Nance, Dan Nutt and Sarah Jarnagin collaborated to create a 4x8 ft mural durring the festival. The Work was commissioned by Young Professionals Connection (YPC). it was to be hung in the board room of the YPC. 

After the festival I got no response from the YPC about what had happened to the art piece. Until the 27th of July when I was informed that they had no idea what happened to the painting. while at first I was initially upset that the painting had gone missing, I still saw a silver lining. The Work may have been commissioned for a board room, but perhaps it was better suited for this disappearing act. I don’t know if that makes sense? but is there not romance in the impermanence of the art piece, and its cycle of creation to drift out into the ether. 

Skating and Breaking

This piece really makes me question what a replica is capable of. it also excites me to see what other materials i can ride after i fix up the mold for the next pour.  currently its a really heavy two part plaster mold with a 2 part rubber mold inside. because of its size and weight im going to convert it to a fiberglass mold so i will be able to cast different materials to try and skate in the future.

Using Format