I worked as a Camp counselor this summer with an organization know as CFUM. Children Family Urban Ministers (CFUM) located at trinity church in Des Monies Iowa, is local organization that focuses on before and after school care in the river bend neighborhood. Their summer program had be working with the kids as an art teacher for kindergarten to fifth grade. it was a truly rewarding experience and in honor of my time working their i created a large 4 foot by 8 foot mural with the help of my students. I created a back drop for what would be their creation. The kids where prompted to create pictures of what CFUM meant to them. these pictures where then deconstructed and reconstructed into the shape of both Trinity church and Moulton Elementary the two sites the CFUM operates out of. the large 8 by 4 foot mural making the street view CFUM breaks down into two 4 by 4 foot murals which are site specific to each building.

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