Daniel J Nutt

Im a Chicago artist currently based in Des Moines. I work intuitively in my work to create push and pull playing with both color and form. Currently im working on torn fabric pieced together. All textiles used mark a specific period and time in my life. My art and its complex image is a reflection of the complicated space and time in which i exist.

The Process

Skating the love of my life. more specifically my board. Not only is it an escape from the trouble of the day to day world. I use it directly in the process of art making. A majority of my best thoughts occurred while skating. the following gif shows me skating over my own paintings. Hinting at the fact the I use my skate wheels to create line within my own work.

Current Work

My current body of work continues with the use of torn fabrics. I am now letting the fabric speak for itself. while in the past I use to paint over the fabric to explain the complexity. My use of multiple textiles and compositional skills creates individuals pieces that are a reflection of my past selves. through the use of my own personal fabrics i speak to the way our identity fractures and is contained in our own material objects.

Molds & More

Spacial concerns

this piece was created through 7 different multi part sand molds then cast in aluminum. While this was a piece for personal exploration, Im versed in a multitude of different mold making techniques.

Skating and Breaking

Skating is by far my favorite thing in the whole world and for this piece I created a 2 part rubber mold of my personal long board. The board cast in plater was painted to be a replica. After the test ride, however the replica broke. the process was documented with the help of friends

Daniel J Nutt is an practicing artist who believes all aspects of life have artistic value and expression. From Dancing, Practicing light shows while I skate to the craftsmanship and professionalism I show in the work place all elements of life are art and art is life.

Daniel J Nutt attended the Drake University, and is finishing his Undergraduate degree at Grandview University. Daniel's work has been featured in several shows at Drake University and has also been published by periphery their literary and artistic magazine. While he is primarily an abstract expressionist, he has a wide set of artistic skills to employ in any situation. 

For more information on Daniel Nutt's work, Commissions, Collaborative pieces feel free to Contact him at danjnut@yahoo.com

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